For years I lived a fearful and anxious life and avoided my feelings with addictions.  Over the years this took a real toll on my body, mind and spirit. Eventually it all caught up with me and one day a few years ago I crashed into a state of ill health and chronic fatigue.  My journey to find out what was wrong with me first led me on a dead-end trail through a maze of western medical doctors.  After a battery of blood tests, MRI's, X-rays, Colonoscopies - seeing Neurologists, Gastroenterologist's, Urologists and ENT's, all my tests came back normal.  Western medicine has very little understanding or guidance of what to do with chronic and adrenal fatigue.  My search for answers eventually led me to James Hopsin via a referral.  After reviewing his website and having a conversation on the phone with him about my symptoms, I decided to make an appointment with James.  He introduced me to the Nutritional Balancing program.  The NB protocol and concept made sense to me.   The program of mostly cooked vegetables, simple meat proteins, food based supplements, daily infrared saunas and coffee enemas and annual hair mineral analysis tests really made sense to me as a healing regiment.  After my first appointment James did a hair mineral analysis test on me and the results clearly showed that my body was very depleted of important minerals and out of balance and over taxed with heavy metals.  My mineral levels all pointed to chronic and adrenal fatigue. I began the protocol suggested by James. Although it took some time to see results because of how depleted my body had become over the years, I kept the faith and eventually began to see real progress in my health and improvements in my energy.  There was no quick fix here, but I now understand why, as it took me years of unhealthy, thinking, eating and living to deplete my body.  It makes sense to me that to replenish, repair, retrace and heal the body takes time as well.  I have been under the care of James for about two years now and I am so grateful for his guidance and understanding.  He is an extremely compassionate facilitator that as been instrumental in my recovery.  From the moment I met him he never doubted that I would make a full recovery and enjoy good health again.  He is a health practitioner that truly cares about his patients and loves what he does. He is unselfish with his time and knowledge of the healing process. I am happy to say that my health is coming back and our amazing  bodies can and will heal themselves with the proper guidance, understanding and knowledge from  people like James Hopsin and the Nutritional Balancing program. Patick D,  49 yr old, Los Angeles
I'm the kind of person who always has to be doing something. A bit hyperactive you could say. After starting this program  I noticed for the first time I could sit and not do something. It finally became okay for me to not be doing something because in the past I would've thought if I wasn't doing something I be missing out on life. Thank you James - Doug C, 40 y.o. male
I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in January 2008 and had been working hard since then to restore my health. I thought I had found a path that worked for me, but it turns out my progress had plateaued. Ultimately, it was James's guidance that would help me reach my biggest mile-marker to date when, just two months after beginning the nutritional balancing program, I was finally able to go off my synthetic insulin while still maintaining mostly normal blood sugars. Mind you, I have no illusions that this is the end of the journey. I feel it is just the first step in a much more intensive healing process (it took years of damage for diabetes to manifest, after all), but I am ecstatic about and greatly encouraged by my results so far! And so are my friends and family, many of whom have also begun the nutritional balancing program, beginning with their own Hair Mineral tests. Good health, it seems, may be even more contagious than disease... Thanks for everything, James. - Angela D, 32 y.o. female
I finally have energy again!  I've been suffering from low energy for decades and just accepted it as "the way I am".  Evidently, I was wrong.  This is not the way I have to be, and I don't have to be stuck in a body that doesn't produce lots of energy.  Since doing the hair mineral test and implimenting various changes in my diet along with nutritional supplemention, I've been witnessing a "revolution" in my energy level and a new ability of my body to produce energy.  I also notice that the benefits of being more energetic go far beyond just having more "get up and go".  I'm sleeping better, my food cravings are gone, and my concentration is better.   I even experienced a positive effect that I hadn't dreamed of - I travel often and usually have terrible jet-lag but on my last trip to Europe I suffered NO jet-lag!  Thank you - Linda L - 54 y.o. female
Thank you for introducing me to Nutritional Balancing. It made sense to me. I expected improvements but not nearly this fast.  I had studied nutrition for over 40 years so I thought I was doing the right things. Here is just one of the conditions that have improved far beyond what I thought possible in the amount of time that it took to improve: I had been medically diagnosed to needing hip replacement surgery.  I'm a national ranked tennis player in my age group.  According to many medical professionals and hip problem people that I interviewed, it was unanimous that things including pain, discomfort, loss of movement and quality of life, would get worse with time and that I might as well get the surgery and not waste time and suffer with the pain so I could sooner get on with my life as I wanted to live it. My diet consisted of about 80% fruits, fruit juices and mostly raw vegetables and salads, little meat, little wheat, no carbonated drinks, no sugar, no packaged foods. The changes based on your recommendations were the follwing:  Cooked vegetables, a little more protein including meat and eggs, no juice, very little potatoes, no fruit, blue-corn chips, and reduced amount of supplements. Five days after substituting fruits and juices, before the infrared sauna and suggested supplements arrived these changes jumped at me:  my muscles all relaxed, my hip discomfort improved from about a 6 out of 10 to about 3 out of 10.  My movement on the tennis court improved dramatically and physically I felt looser and less movement limited. Now, after three weeks on this program, including the Infrared sauna and  supplements my hip feels improvements to about 2 out of 10 or better. Last week I had enough confidence to enter a national tournament. I won a good match and performed well against the #1 player in the world in my age group. Do you think I'm happy with my results so far? Even if I didn't progress any more from here but stayed as I am now I could still rule out hip surgery.  Thank you for the timely, helpful, effective and personal care you have given to me and my wife.  German R - 69 y.o. male
I am getting better! I usually have horrible cramps and other pain with my periods, but this time I am having very little pain! Also, my chiropractor said that my spine is getting easier to adjust!  This is the first time ever in my life I have had almost no pain with my cycle. Ever since my first cycle I always had bad cramps. Jennifer G - 31 y.o. Female
James Hopson has played a pivotal role in guiding me along my journey to better health. My experience with him has been transformational on many levels, for which I am very grateful.   I came to James with all sorts of on-going symptoms that derived from a series of traumatic concussions I had in '98 and '99. My nervous system was a mess and I experienced chronic constipation ever since the last injury. We began working with neurofeedback, which I found incredibly healing. James used astrology and Kirlian photography to look deeper into my state of imbalance. Eventually, I began a very thorough metal cleanse based on information gathered from a hair / mineral test.   I am the first to admit my medical history is long, complex, and sometimes very overwhelming. This is why it has been hard to find a health practitioner that I can rely on for results and with whom I see as a compassionate human being.  I completely trust James and his approach to healing. He never cuts any corners and is always looking at the big picture with a smile on his face. I would refer James to just about anyone I know. Much gratitude James - Dana M - 32 y.o. Female