Category: Testimonials

Patrick D
For years I lived a fearful and anxious life and avoided my feelings with addictions.  Over the years this took a real toll on my body, mind and spirit. Eventually it all caught up with me and one day a few years ago I crashed into a state of ill health and chronic fatigue.  My journey to find out what was wrong... read more
Doug C
I'm the kind of person who always has to be doing something. A bit hyperactive you could say. After starting this program  I noticed for the first time I could sit and not do something. It finally became okay for me to not be doing something because in the past I would've thought if I wasn't doing something I be... read more
Angela D
I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in January 2008 and had been working hard since then to restore my health. I thought I had found a path that worked for me, but it turns out my progress had plateaued. Ultimately, it was James's guidance that would help me reach my biggest mile-marker to date when, just two months after... read more
Linda L
I finally have energy again!  I've been suffering from low energy for decades and just accepted it as "the way I am".  Evidently, I was wrong.  This is not the way I have to be, and I don't have to be stuck in a body that doesn't produce lots of energy.  Since doing the hair mineral test and implimenting various... read more
German R
Thank you for introducing me to Nutritional Balancing. It made sense to me. I expected improvements but not nearly this fast.  I had studied nutrition for over 40 years so I thought I was doing the right things. Here is just one of the conditions that have improved far beyond what I thought possible in the amount of time that it took to... read more
Jennifer G
I am getting better! I usually have horrible cramps and other pain with my periods, but this time I am having very little pain! Also, my chiropractor said that my spine is getting easier to adjust!  This is the first time ever in my life I have had almost no pain with my cycle. Ever since my first cycle I always had... read more
Dana M
James Hopson has played a pivotal role in guiding me along my journey to better health. My experience with him has been transformational on many levels, for which I am very grateful.   I came to James with all sorts of on-going symptoms that derived from a series of traumatic concussions I had in '98 and '99. My nervous system was... read more