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How is neurofeedback done?
We place sensors on the head and ears to measure and record the brain wave activity.  Then high-tech equipment will display the real-time audio and visual feedback on the 4 key frequency bands on the screen.  No electrical current is put into your brain.  From this we produce a brain map which helps guide the clinician as to which areas... read more
So how does neurofeedback help and what is it doing?
Neurofeedback is a form of “operant conditioning”.  In psychology this is a method that occurs through rewards and punishment of a behavior.  We do this same thing in the brain by either rewarding or discouraging various frequency bands.  The technology translates brain waves into sound forms or visual stimuli.  Listening to those tones/music or watching a video then affect the... read more
Why have I not heard of Neurofeedback before, if it works for so many things?
Barry Sterman, a professor emeritus of departments of Neurobiology and Psychiatry had the opportunity to receive some funding back in the mid 80’s from the National Institute of Health (NIH) however after receiving the grant it was pulled.  Why? Neurofeedback does not fit the normal model of medical procedures.  Most medical applications involve something being done to the patient such... read more
Why does neurofeedback work for so many things?
The brain is responsible for everything that we do. Cumulative trauma and stress over time cause brain wave patterns to change.  How that then presents for each person will be different.  What neurofeedback does is help to balance the various brain waves which in turn affect the neuro-pathways of the brain which ultimately affect behavior and function of the brain. ... read more
Brief History of Neurofeedback
Neurofeedback had its birth in the late 1960’s and into the 1970’s.  Elmer Green was one the leading pioneers in the field who used Biofeedback equipment to measure the brain waves of yogis from India. It was discovered that internal states could be controlled through mediation and thought. Another person who had a huge impact on the field was Joe... read more
What are the Limitations of Neurofeedback?
As with anything in life there are some limitations and Neurofeedback has its own as well.   First lets point out one important fact which is that Neurofeedback works and when it does not work there must be a good reason for it.  Even if you have some of the following items below it is best to have a brain map... read more