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Another way to encourage relaxation is develop a regular mediation practice. Research now shows that meditating each day for 30 min helps reduce anxiety and stress, increases one’s sense of self, improves one’s memory and increases empathy. There are different forms of meditation. For some they just sit and focus on their breathing. Many Eastern traditions of medication have people... read more
Relaxation – Breathing
One of the best ways to encourage relaxation is through breathing. Conscious breathing will have a direct effect on the functioning of our nervous system. This is one of the main ways the ancient yogis from India regulated their health. They inherently understood that breathing would help put the body in state of relaxation and healing. One of the keys... read more
Sleep is another essential “Food for the Brain”. Most healing happens in our sleep state. If we deprive ourselves of getting enough sleep the following things start to occur as outlined by John Medina in his book called Brain Rules : 1. Our cognitive abilities such as memory, learning, attention, mood, logical reasoning, our ability to make decisions all will... read more
This is not typically considered a food but for good brain function one should think of exercise as important as one’s need for food.  Without regular exercise both the body and brain suffer.  Through exercise we increase the delivery of nutrition to the brain. This brings more blood flow and oxygen which increases energy. This then affects our cognitive abilities... read more