Proper nutrition is key to experiencing better overall health. A Hair Mineral test can provide you a targeted approach both in diet and in supplementation. After more than 20 years of study and personal experimentation with a wide array of dietary paths - including vegetarianism, veganism and raw foodism - most have not produced results as universally effective as this nutritional balancing program.


Biofeedback is a very unique process. It is not based on the conventional medical model, which is to diagnose and treat diseases and symptoms. Biofeedback works because it is based on a model of wholism. It is a way of helping the body to self-regulate. It is a technique or method that measures information in the body.


In Astrology, we can arrive at a more dynamic understanding of ourselves and our “‘cosmic’ relationship to the universe-as-a-whole”, to use the words of famed astrologer Dane Rudhyar. In this way astrology becomes a living archetypal language, through which we can better discover our unique roles in the world around us, while also learning to function more consciously in it.

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Knowing how your body reacts to stress and how that stress affects your energy can help you find your best path to wellness. The Russians understand this and have therefore been using the non-invasive EPI-GDV Camera technology in hospitals since 2001. Created by Dr. Konstantin Korotkov, the EPI-GDV Camera is the first device in the world to measure the distribution of energy levels in different objects, both living and inanimate.